It seems there’s no cure for being a silly sod

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I’ve stopped wondering what it’s going to take to get through to some people after Essex Police had to break up three illegal raves on New Year’s Eve in Brentwood and an area of Epping where hundreds of revellers were giving the rest of us the proverbial two-fingered salute to 160 beats per minute.

These people are so blind to what is going on that even if a parent or grandparent caught COVID-19 and died, they would refuse to accept any responsibility and insist they must have caught it from someone else, even though they had been indoors for months.

Their behaviour is an insult to every NHS worker who puts him or herself on the line every single day, to everyone who has lost a family member or friend to the coronavirus and all of us who have not been able to see our loved ones for at least nine months.

The organisers of these gatherings had equipment seized and were issued with hefty fines yet most of the punters appear to have just been told they’re very naughty and sent on their merry way to wait for notification of the next illicit event.

They just don’t get it – they’re never going to get it so let’s stop trying and just hit them where it does hurt.

In the pocket with an instant £1,000 fine.

Name and shame them by giving them all a criminal record while we’re at it.

Let’s see how their employers feel about that.


You would think that with New Year’s Eve celebrations cancelled this year – for the responsible amongst us anyway – the TV channels would have pushed the boat out and come up with something special.

But instead, the forced frivolity of Paddy McGuinness on BBC1 was more like a 70s Russian game show where the star prize was a lamp and a side of bacon.

Even Channel 4’s The Last Leg was a let down and clips of previous Jools Holland Hogmannays and Glastonbury legends spots did nothing to raise the spirits.

It’s amazing what a bottle of red and a three-hour after midnight Zoom chat with some family can do.

My eldest is 34 and he’s missing a dad hug. I would walk the 60-mile round trip to make that happen if I could.

Jimmy deserves his award

Just as I was trying to figure out how someone could be knighted for having the quickest car, my mood was lifted by the news that one of my heroes, Jimmy Greaves has been recognised in the Queen’s New Year’s Honours with an MBE.

Because I have interviewed a lot of people over the years from Bill Gates to politicians, musicians and stand up comedians, someone once asked me who I would actually get starstruck over meeting and my answer was very easy: McCartney and the two Jimmys – Page and Greaves.

And that’s from a lifelong Wolves supporter.

As a child I saw many of the greats play at Molyneux – Best, Charlton, Law, Moore, Banks, even Helmut Haller when Wolves took on Juventus in the EUFA Cup.

Greavesie was a master and I’m absolutely delighted that he has received this honour.


Things I expect to happen before the year is out:

  • The Olympics
  • England winning the European Championships
  • Buying a pint of cooled draught Guinness – in a glass
  • Watching gigs
  • Playing gigs
  • My girlfriend and I eating something one of us didn’t cook
  • Matrix 4 at the cinema
  • Zack Snyder’s Justice League fix anywhere I can find it
  • Series 4 of Stranger Things and Series 3 of Sex Education
  • President Harris


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