Jagshemash! Borat gets his second wind and a new star is born

Borat Subsequent Moviefilm: Delivery of Prodigious Bribe to American Regime for Make Benefit Once Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan (15)

As any comedy writer will tell you, making people laugh is a serious business.

Managing to do it while exposing bigotry and prejudice is about as serious as it gets and Sacha Baron Cohen has made a very successful career out of it.

But 14 years on, there are some obvious hurdles to resurrecting one of your most beloved characters to take aim at the injustices in Trump’s America.

Firstly, you’re competing with what has gone before and so the shock value is not the same, indeed, it is now an expectation, and secondly, how do you repeat the exercise of allowing the rich, the redneck and the powerful to incriminate themselves when your character is now famous and instantly recognisable?

Well you can forget about this looking like a recipe for disaster because Borat successfully navigates both of these problems by putting the Kazakhstani journalist into a series of disguises every bit as ridiculous as his familiar ill fitting suit and writing his into the story.

And where you could be forgiven for thinking there’s nothing Baron Cohen could do to better the outrageous I can’t believe what I’m seeing naked fight scene of the first film, I have to say you would be wrong because in addition to some very clever vignettes at a Pro Life clinic, a fax centre and a dress shop, there are two mouth open in amazement moments for two different reasons – one a dance scene at a crashed Cotillion Ball in Macon, Georgia and the other so audacious in its execution that you could never dream it was possible.

But the real key to the success of Borat 2 is Bulgarian-born Maria Bakalova, who literally steals the entire film as Borat’s teenage daughter Tutar.

The 24-year old actress is completely switched on to the method behind Baron Cohen’s carefully thought out madness and matches her co-star’s quick reactions every step of the way. In fact, at times she is arguably even more of a loose cannon than he is.

This is a sequel all common sense should have warned against being made at all, let alone sitting through, but it’s a real tonic for these trying times and available to stream on Amazon Prime..

RATING: 8/10


Mick Ferris

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