Join the conversation about Basildon borough’s future

Basildon Council is asking residents and businesses to join a discussion to explore the potential future of Basildon borough over the next decade.

Led by Wayne Hemingway, of Hemingway Design, the 90 minute conversation on Wednesday July 29 from 5 – 6.30pm will uncover what sets Basildon apart, what makes it great and how we can work together to build on the positive points within our borough.

Chairman of the External Affairs and Economic Development committee, Cllr Aidan McGurran said: “We’re inviting our community to explore what we really want to be in our borough.

“We started Our Place last year as the largest piece of community engagement Basildon has undertaken; we spoke to over 3000 people to find out what they thought of their place and what they wanted for the future.

“This conversation takes those findings and will dig deeper to directly engage residents and businesses about where our story as a borough can go—and we’re hoping many residents join us to give us their voices in building that story.”

Residents and businesses are encouraged to please email [email protected] to join, or to find out more details.


Mick Ferris

Editor Email: [email protected]