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Two idiotic Just Stop Oil protesters, one a student, the other a man in his 70s, once again showed that this ridiculous group is nothing more than a front for empty headed workshy wasters to perform acts of wanton vandalism when they sprayed their characteristic orange powder paint over Stonehenge on Wednesday.

Yeah. Like it’s all a bunch of prehistoric stones’ fault. Where’s the sense in that?

Did these mouth breathing brats not get enough attention as children? Or did one of their senior figures get told off by someone from National Heritage on a school trip in 1969?

They may think they’re on a campaign to save the planet – a supercilious spokesman claimed on TV that it had been done “to preserve civilisation” – but all these monumental misfits are achieving is to cause widespread annoyance and show they have absolutely no respect for anything or anyone.

They don’t appear to understand that stunts like this don’t result in the public talking about their cause. The conversation is about what a complete waste of space and oxygen these silly sods are.

Writing about them in this column is not enabling them or fossil fuelling their crackpot evangelical fervour, It’s pointing out what we all know anyway – they literally do not have a Scooby.

Maybe we could reach agreement with India or even China to send them to do unpaid work at one of their large coal burning power plants.


Sky News presenter Sophy Ridge was positively on fire on her Monday night Politics Hub show this week with an opening monologue that absolutely eviscrated Reform UK’s “contract with the people” manifesto to a point where it wouldn’t surprise me if the butter wouldn’t melt politico actually gets into a bit of trouble over it.

But there was even better to come when minutes later, while interviewing Reform deputy leader Dr David Bull, she asked with an acidity that the legendary late Sir Robin Day would have been proud of: “What else are you going to promise – England winning the Euros and me getting a date with George Clooney?”

That appearance on Have I Got News For You a couple of weeks ago seems to have triggered a rebellious streak.

I’ve always loved Sophe but the Ridge has a new edge and I’m finding it very… entertaining.


Needless to say, I’ll be pulling an all-nighter on July 4 after celebrating my granddaughter’s eighth birthday and my anticipation is already building for what could turn out to be the funniest few hours I’ve enjoyed since Lib Dem leader Jo Swinson’s political career crashed and burned like Led Zeppelin’s first album cover.

But first a serious and heartfelt warning. It’s when people, and especially younger voters, feel disenfranchised, disillusioned and unrepresented by politics that the far right get their grubby foot in the door. Look at what’s going on in Germany, France, Austria, Italy, The Netherlands and even the USA.

It’s happening here too and I worry about what kind of world I’m likely to be leaving for my grandkids.

Nationalism doesn’t need your vote as long as you don’t give it to anyone else. They use your uncertainty as a weapon and the worst possible thing you could do in this election would be nothing at all.

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