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Events in Westminster have all become pretty tawdry since the protracted Brexit row threatened democracy itself. But has British politics really sunk so low that an unnamed Tory MP (allegedly) can mischievously throw out the random accusation in the Mail on Sunday that Labour deputy leader Angela Rayner has been doing a Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct, flashing the prime minister during PMQs by crossing and uncrossing her legs to put him off his stride?

It would be hilarious if it wasn’t so ridiculous and utterly disgraceful.

As the opening scene in a political comedy it would be brilliant, in fact, I think a certain writer/director I know should commit it to his hard drive immediately and get a pilot episode ready to send off.

But this is a real person having to face a vile and malicious smear to her reputation.

It’s little wonder that the source is remaining anonymous. It’s shameful behaviour which has rightly been condemned by members of the Commons across all party lines.

And the tone of the article itself, which would only ever have made it into print on a Sunday, does absolutely nothing for the cause of balanced journalism.

Developing a thick skin may be essential to the job of being an MP, but no female politician should have to put up with that sort of misogynistic public schoolboy claptrap.

I really hope the culprit is exposed for the pond life he is and made to publicly apologise to Angela Rayner in the House before facing disciplinary action from his prime minister and party.


What’s the difference between having a slice of birthday cake you’ve been surprised with and going into a Scottish barber’s without a face mask on if both are against the rules?

Nothing I can see, yet the reactions from the public, parliament and the police are completely different.

Of course, the police north of the border don’t really have a political axe to grind while the general public is being programmed to react like subjects in a Derren Brown stage show. One mention of the B-word and they instantly launch into a vitriolic tirade, triggered by the fake earnestness and arm waving pantomime outrage played out daily on the likes of Sky News and LBC.

Not that he’s squeaky clean, of course. But who is in Westminster? it’s unfair to hold one wrongdoer to account and not another. Boris and wee Jimmy Krankie should both be held to account.

Right and wrong doesn’t work to the convenience of others with an agenda.


All looking forward to Piers Morgan’s interview with Trump to launch Murdoch’s new anti-woke Talk TV channel?

Thought not.


Incomprehensible sports commentary of the week

The Emilia Romagna Grand Prix at Imola and as McLaren driver Daniel Ricciardo makes a pit stop, Sky F1’s Crofty comes out with: “..and is the honey badger about to become a gerbil?”

What the…?

Stupid TV quiz answer of the week

Celebrity Mastermind – Owain Wyn Evans, that annoying Welsh weatherman who plays the drums:

Q: Which star of Spartacus died in 2020 at the age of 103?

A: Pierce Brosnan

And an extra mention to the woman who passed on which band released the songs Get Off My Cloud, Jumpin’ Jack Flash and Paint It Back

Tipping Point Lucky Stars – some bloke from Emmerdale

Q: What is the total number of players on the pitch in a 5-a side match?

A: 11

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