Key golf club meeting seeks to end Brentwood Council pavilion row

Hartswood Golf Club has said there is still no total agreement between itself and Brentwood Borough Council over how to soften the loss of their existing clubhouse.

Golf club members meet tonight aiming to find consensus over offers from the borough council to mitigate the loss of their current home in King Georges.

Work on a new pavilion as part of a £7million project to revamp King George’s Playing Fields is almost complete.

The council is now preparing for new business to be generated. It has recently submitted applications for permission to sell alcohol at the pavilion until as late as midnight but risks breaching its planning conditions if the original structure is not demolished with three months of opening.

In the meantime the council cannot eject the members of Hartswood Golf Club which still has 11 years to run on a 60-year lease for the clubhouse.

Moreover, there is still no formal agreement between Brentwood Council and Hartswood Golf Club – which has exclusive use of the clubhouse due to be demolished – but who say they are still to agree mitigation measures over the loss of that facility.

The latest plans provide four changing rooms for footballers and golfers and a club room that is a third of the size of what the club has at the moment – separated from a larger area with a sliding partition door.

A spokesman for the club said: “We are at the stage of some agreements but not necessarily all agreements.

“We have a committee meeting tonight.

“There is movement but unfortunately everything that we thought that had been agreed hasn’t necessarily and it had to go into another document.

“We are waiting on the outcome of that.

“It is moving on but we still have to consult our membership when the trustees feel we might have something sensible to offer.

“The outcome of that will be drawn partially from the meeting that we are holding this evening.”

The council has said it is remains confident there will be an agreement.


Piers Meyler

Local Democracy Reporter