Killing Eve still hits the spot

Will Ferris
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Upon the release of its first season in 2018, Killing Eve instantly made its mark as a redefining take on the spy genre.

Throughout this tale of espionage, there are no facially scarred megalomanias, fancy cars or vodka martini’s (shaken not stirred), but there is a Russian attention seeking psychopathic contract killer (Jodie Comer) and her MI5 counterpart who spends less time winning at the casino and more swigging as much booze as she can find at funerals whilst struggling to hide her disturbing attraction to violence.

Phoebe Waller Bridge’s masterful ability to write unique, contemporary material sewed the seeds of the thriller’s success before the second season saw new writers taking on the mantle and magnificently managing to keep the spark going up to a tense ending in Rome, where (spoilers!) Villanelle and Eve Polastri (Sandra Oh) had an almighty row, with their entire relationship being throw up into the air as the assassin left Eve for dead.

In the wake of this cliffhanger, there’s been much debate on whether a third season can keep up in quality. Well ignore the clickbait from tabloids that had already decided it was time to knock the show off its pedestal because the plain answer is yes it bloody well can!

Within the first five minutes, we’re invited into the Spanish wedding between Villanelle and a stunning senorita which quickly turns into carnage – food fights, plates thrown, guests brawling as the assassin’s childhood mentor shows up to play with her protégée’s life.

Meanwhile, shady syndicate The Twelve are at the height of their power, and Eve at the bottom of the hers as she tries to put the past behind her.

But more conspiracy is brewing, and surprises are around every corner. Suspense is just as rife as it once was, and new surprises are delivered brilliantly. The dialogue is witty enough to give you belly laughs and Eve’s former boss (Fiona Shaw) is an absolute icon, bringing distinct highlights with her one-liners in each episode.

Then there are the two leads, who have to be the most dynamic characters on TV at the moment.

As predicted, it’s brilliant stuff.