Laindon girl beats leukaemia and gets to go home for her birthday

A girl who has beaten leukaemia and will be home in time for her 11th birthday has created a shield celebrating her recovery, with the encouragement of staff at Basildon Hospital.

Isabelle Flewers, from Laindon, had been battling blood cancer for the last six months and found it difficult to focus on her studies.

Her paediatric consultant, Kilali Ominu-evbota, spoke to her about her school work and found out she had not had the energy to study.

With a little encouragement from Kilali, the 10 year-old started to log on for a few hours a day and was set a project to create a Tudor-style shield.

The result focused on her battle with leukaemia and her faith in the medical teams that looked after her when she received chemotherapy at the hospital.

The Marylands pupil explained she had used a cross pattern to show how she felt protected by staff and used bears in the shield to show how brave she had been.

She said: “I am still healing but feeling brave no matter what. I am a warrior and I am fighting through it. The picture on top of the shield I chose people with no hair, to show they had lost it.”

Isabelle explained she had used gold to show respect for her home after having to spend three weeks away from it to receive treatment.

The shield is also adorned with a Latin phrase ‘Clavis Est Fortiudo’ which means ‘Braveness is Key’

Isabelle said: “I’d like to say thank you to the staff as they have been really good to me and I have enjoyed coming in for treatment and was excited to show them the shield.”

Kilali was thrilled to see the final shield design.

She said: “I thought it was beautifully thought out and shows how intelligent she is. I am so proud of the way she dealt with chemo and leukaemia it really bought a tear to my eye.

I’m pleased and excited she can get home in time for her birthday.”


Mick Ferris

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