Landowner given ultimatum after 300 tonnes of waste dumped on Brentwood green belt

Hundreds of tonnes of waste illegally dumped on green belt in Brentwood has to be removed in three months, a landowner has been warned.

The one hectare site off Ashwells Road has to be returned to original condition in four months, Essex County Council as the enforcement agency has added.

It is believed around 300 tonnes of trommel fines and soils was deposited on the small area of grassed open land a few months before April 2022.

And even though the landowner was requested to remove the waste and to cease operations when this was discovered at the time, no significant process was made.

On May 25, Essex County Council as the Waste Planning Authority served an Enforcement Notice on the landowner ordering a number of conditions to be met.

This enforcement that came into effect on July 5 requires dumping to cease. All waste materials including soils, trommel fines, building waste, concrete, hardcore and other mixed waste has to be removed from the land within three months.

The land has to be restored to its original condition within four months.

Trommel Fines is the product resulting from waste transfer sites when they receive material and put it through large cylinders called trommels which then separate the material by size.

Usually anything below 40mm in diameter is taken out and this often consists of soil, paper, plastic, wood, fragments of metal and other detritus.

The material is too small for effective recycling and is termed ‘Trommel Fine’.

Essex County Council say they will continue to monitor the site to ensure compliance and no further unauthorised activities.

A statement from Essex County Council said: “Following a number of inspections, it was found that approximately 300 tonnes of waste had been deposited on the site, namely trommel fines and soils. The waste is understood to have been brought onto site a few months before April 2022.

“The landowner was requested to remove the waste and to cease operations, but no significant process was made.

“On May 25, in context that the waste materials have been brought on to the site without the benefit of planning permission and that planning permission would not likely be granted in retrospect, Essex County Council as the waste planning authority served an enforcement notice on the landowner.”


Piers Meyler

Local Democracy Reporter