Leaving the sinking ship

With more than 20 per cent of Tory MPs not standing at the next election and more likely to follow, another by election on the horizon, Rishi’s pledges score, which he said he should be judged by, standing at one out of five (and even inflation falling had very little to do with him) and rumours flying of the letters count getting perilously close to Sir Graham Brady knock knock knocking on Dobby’s door, Labour are having to do very little in the short time this Government has left except sit back and watch it implode.

Who needs policies when your competition has pressed the self destruct button and all you need to do to get voted into power is not be them?

Well we, the people of the UK, do, actually.

The Rwanda red herring plods on even though more migrants crossed the channel in one day last week than the total amount the PM wants to stick on a plane to Africa.

So what’s the point?

Well, Rishi promised to stop the boats, not reduce crossings, stop them completely. He talked himself into a corner and like one of thse robot vacuum cleaners bouncing off a chair leg is still pushing a policy that has absolutely no chance of actually solving the problem even if it does ever get off the ground.

Holding back on an election date is pointless. Nothing is going to happen between now and, say, October to turn the tide. Even a huge scandal involving the Labour leadership would probably not be enough to salvage things so what are we waiting for?

It’s not out of the question, depending on how the local results in May turn out, that a vote of no confidence could be called in the Government which could yet see a general election by the second week in June.


I’ve been pretty harsh in the past about Sky News political editor Beth Rigby, but I have to say, her new weekly podcast, Electoral Dysfunction, with Labour MP Jess Philips and former leader of the Scottish Conservatives Baroness Ruth Davidson has quickly become a must listen for me.

While it’s very much on brand, the style and direct language (the discussion this week about whether Dobby the Hogwarts Elf is embattled or beleagured and the concise assessment of the difference between the two had me laughing out loud along with details of a letter Leo Varadkar wrote to Kylie Minogue) is a better indication of what is really going on in politics than any attempt to interview a minister who is only there to give the most anodyne of answers.

Chat politics like this can engage with people because it calls out the game for what it is and demystifies the dodgy workings of Westminster.

It surely has to be the way forward as more and more people become disengaged and appalled by the behaviour of our elected representatives.


In case amyone was in any doubt that Catherine, Princess of Wales is the Royal Family’s MVP, her one-take video statement regarding the state of her health following a plethora of crackpot conspiracy theories (some apparently part of a Russian plot to destabilise the country) should have put paid to that. The woman is a bloody marvel.

Idiots Corner

Whoever was responsible for editing a video for the Conservative candidate for London Mayor, Susan Hall, after they included a clip of crowds at a subway station… in New York!

The Chase:

Q: What band’s greatest hits album included Ma Baker and Mary’s Boyi Child?

A: The Beatles

Q: Pole vaulter Sergei Bubka was the first man to clear how many metres?

A: 20?

Edward Case