Leigh residents call for one-way system on ‘rat run’ due to speeding traffic

A group of residents in Leigh are urging the council to introduce better speed restrictions on their road, along with a one-way system to reduce the dangers of speeding traffic.

A group of 30 residents living on Wren Avenue in Leigh have sent a petition to the council claiming that speed bumps laid 11 years ago have been ineffective in stopping reckless motorists who have used the road as a rat run when there are obstruction on the A127.

They are calling on the council to turn the road into a one-way system and to introduce more speed restrictions.

Elaine Ventura, 55, lives on the corner of Wren Avenue and said she has twice had cars crash into her back garden when they have lost control at high speed.

She said: “A few of us have had cars come through into our properties. One of my neighbours had it three times and I’ve had it twice, the cars are just going too fast, they lose control.

“We are asking the council to look at what they can do, such as making the speed hump higher.

Others have suggested turning the road into a one-way system.

“I just wish the traffic would slow down because someone will be killed. I could have been sittingin my garden when they hit my fence.”

While only around 30 people signed the petition, Ms Ventura said she believes many more would be in support of it but she had to stop collecting signatures when the Covid-19 lockdown came in during March.

Councillor Paul Collins (LibDem, Eastwood) said: “A speed calming scheme was put in about 10 years ago but it hasn’t made the traffic any slower. The speed humps in place are not capable of making a difference to modern cars and that is why they launched the petition.

“A one-way system and other options all need to be discussed. I am not sure a one-way system would slow them down and actually knowing less people will be down there may speed the traffic up, we need things that will physically slow cars down.”


Steve Shaw

Local Democracy Reporter