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Twist (12, 89 minutes)

A modern day telling of Charles Dickens’ Oliver Twist, which rather than being contemporary, feels more like something the Children’s Film Foundation used to make in the 1950s and 60s in which precocious stage school kids (a young Phil Collins was in one called Calamity The Cow) were backed up by over the top comic villain cameos from stars of the day,

Those stars here include Sir Michael Caine (Fagin), Rita Ora (The Artful Dodger), Noel Clarke (some random detective), Leigh Francis and David Walliams.

But speaking of over the top, Lena Heady, evil Queen Cersei herself, takes the prize here as a lesbian “Bill” Sykes complete with an accent straight out of the Danny Dyer school of acting.

Rafferty Law, son of Jude, is an art loving street urchin whose talent with a can of spray paint dominates wall and buildings across the city.

He joins a gang of young thieves and their father figure leader in a plot to outwit a ruthless art dealer.

I can’t help thinking that the previous sentence should end with “and hilarity ensues”.

But it doesn’t.

This Sky Original film is now available to view if you really have to.

Dickens will be turning in his grave.

RATING: 3/10


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