Leyton High Road mural splits opinion

Waltham Forest residents are divided on whether the new mural on Leyton High Road is cheerful and unique or a distracting waste of money.

The colourful design above shop fronts in Leyton High Road, between Sedgewick Road and Murchison Road, was designed by artist Camille Walala.

The project cost £40,000 in total, of which £25,000 was provided by the Mayor of London while the remainder came from crowdfunding.

Responding to a call for opinions from local residents, Shah Ahmed said: “They are very gimmicky, all these shops need is a clean up and regular cleaning.

“The council should be spending time and money on the public realm.”

Jo Eliana added: “I like modernism but this is too loud and busy for me. It’s too high contrast and uncomfortable to look at; visual sensory overload.”

Donna East said: “It’s a no for me, I liked what they did when it was the Olympics, but this is a bit too much.”

However, others appreciated the pop of colour on the High Street, created using recycled paint from the Forest Recycling Project.

Helen O’Brien said: “I love it. It brightens up what was a drab series of shop fronts. More of this please.”

The project was completed with the help of local businesses such as Deeney’s and Wood Street Walls.


Victoria Munro

Local Democracy Reporter