LOCAL ELECTIONS: Basildon Council candidates

A former leader of Basildon Borough Council is hoping to make a comeback as a councillor – almost three years after his surprise resignation.

Gavin Callaghan who stepped down as a Labour councillor in 2021 – citing wanting to spend more time with family and pursuing other interests – is contesting the St Martin’s Ward at next month’s local elections.

Every seat is being contested at Basildon Borough Council following a review by the Local Government Boundary Commission for England (LGBCE) of the ward arrangements in the borough. The commission says residents should be represented by 42 councillors – the same as now.

There will be 14 three-councillor wards – two fewer than currently. Six wards will remain the same, eight will have different boundaries. Changes include renaming Crouch ward as Castledon and Crouch and amending the boundary between Nethermayne and Pitsea South East wards to avoid dividing the Kent View Road area.

The council is currently run by the Conservatives – at last year’s election both the Tories and Labour gained six seats in the election, with the Tories having 39 per cent of the vote and Labour 29 per cent. The Wickford Independents party won one seat, as did an independent candidate.

The council is normally elected by thirds – whereby a third of councillors are elected each year for three years with the fourth year having no elections. Local elections will be held on Thursday, May 2 2024. Borough council elections will be combined with the election of a Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner for the Essex Police Area.

Find out who is standing for election in each ward:

Billericay East Ward

  • Andy Barnes, Conservative
  • Andrew Brennan, Green Party
  • Sally Bunyan, Labour
  • Laura Clark, Liberal Democrats
  • Stewart Goshawk, Green Party
  • Martyn Mordecai, Conservative
  • Andrew Schrader, Conservative Party Candidate
  • Peter Smith, Liberal Democrats
  • Andy Tatman, Green Party

Billericay West Ward

  • Scion Butler, Green Party
  • Brian Button, Labour
  • Anthony Hedley, Conservative
  • Peter Lancaster, Liberal Democrats
  • Daniel Lawrence, Conservative
  • Chris May, Liberal Democrats
  • Tim Nicklin, Liberal Democrats
  • Philip Turner, Conservative

Burstead Ward

  • Andrew Baggott, Conservative
  • Leslie Banks, Labour
  • Kevin Blake, Conservative
  • Idriss Chraibi, Green Party
  • Chris Daffin, Liberal Democrats
  • Andy Fryd, Liberal Democrats
  • Daniel McGarry, Green Party
  • Richard Moore, Conservative

Castledon & Crouch Ward

  • Stuart Allen, Conservative And Unionist Party
  • Christopher Bateman, British Democrats
  • Gillian Gurney, Green Party
  • Nicola Hoad, Liberal Democrats
  • Stewart Mott, Liberal Democrats
  • Alex Myers, Conservative And Unionist Party
  • Terri Sargent, Conservative And Unionist Party
  • Angela Stanbrook, Labour
  • Michael Woods, Liberal Democrats

Fryerns Ward

  • Andrew Ansell, Labour
  • Adele Brown, Labour
  • Allan Davies, Labour
  • Ola Dawodu, Conservative
  • Eleanor Donne, Trade Unionist And Socialist Coalition
  • Vivien Howard, Liberal Democrats

Laindon Park Ward

  • Iurie Cojocaru, Independent
  • Samuel Gascoyne, Conservative
  • Jeff Henry, Conservative
  • Victoria Joseph, Labour
  • Eugene McCarthy, Green Party
  • Stephen McCarthy, Liberal Democrats
  • David Murray, Trade Unionist And Socialist Coalition
  • Jessica Power, Labour
  • Terry Webb, Labour
  • Kevin Wingfield, Conservative

Langdon Hills Ward

  • Chris Allen, Conservative And Unionist Party
  • Walter Brown, Independent
  • Stanley Edemakhiota, Conservative And Unionist Party
  • Elizabeth Grant, Green Party
  • Hazel Green, Independent
  • Stephen Nice, Liberal Democrats
  • Valerie Robbins, Independent
  • Sandeep Sandhu, Conservative And Unionist Party
  • Dean Sharpe, Labour
  • None Of The Above, X

Lee Chapel North Ward

  • Mike Chandler, Liberal Democrats
  • Alex Harrison, Labour
  • Elaine McDonald, Trade Unionist And Socialist Coalition
  • Melissa McGeorge, Labour
  • Aidan McGurran, Labour
  • Deepak Shukla, Conservative
  • Joanna Wingfield, Conservative

Nethermayne Ward

  • Ann Blake, Conservative And Unionist Party
  • Lewis Chambers, Liberal Democrats
  • Mo Larkin, Independent
  • Dave Martin, Conservative And Unionist Party
  • Yanik Moyet, Labour
  • Eddie Murphy, Independent
  • Kerry Smith, Independent
  • Maz Uluhan, Conservative And Unionist Party

Pitsea North West Ward

  • Michael Baker, Labour
  • Stuart Burke Terson, Conservative And Unionist Party
  • Emma Callaghan, Labour
  • Mark Cottrell, Conservative And Unionist Party
  • Martin Howard, Liberal Democrats
  • Huggins, Trade Unionist And Socialist Coalition
  • Pat Reid, Labour
  • Lewis Smith, Conservative And Unionist Party

Pitsea South East Ward

  • Adeshile Yetunde, Conservative And Unionist Party
  • Gary Canham, Conservative And Unionist Party
  • Linda Harrison, Independent
  • Christopher Hilleard, Labour
  • Gillian Palmer, Labour
  • Craig Rimmer, Conservative And Unionist Party
  • Steven Spowart, Liberal Democrats
  • Ben Westwick, Labour
  • Steven Willis, Green Party

St Martin’s Ward

  • Davida Ademuyiwa, Conservative
  • Simon Breedon, Independent
  • Andrew Buxton, Trade Unionist And Socialist Coalition
  • Gavin Callaghan, Labour
  • Jack Ferguson, Labour
  • Phil Jenkins, Liberal Democrats
  • Ellie Matthewman, Green Party
  • Deepak Roy, Conservative
  • Maryam Yaqub, Labour

Wickford North Ward

  • David Aldridge, Wickford Independents
  • Eunice Brockman, Wickford Independents
  • Dave Collins, Reform UK
  • Hammond, Wickford Independents
  • Peter Holliman, Conservative
  • Karen Manterfield, Liberal Democrats
  • Carole Morris, Conservative
  • Don Morris, Conservative
  • Joe Nemeth, Labour
  • Penny Wright, Green Party

Wickford Park Ward

  • Alan Ball, Wickford Independents
  • Simon Blake, Liberal Democrats
  • Peter Bunyan, Labour
  • Yvonne Child, Conservative
  • David Harrison, Wickford Independents
  • George Jeffery, Conservative
  • Gary Tagg, Conservative

Piers Meyler

Local Democracy Reporter