LOCAL ELECTIONS: Brentwood candidates

Every seat is being contested at Brentwood Borough Council with the number of councillors increasing.

The makeup of Brentwood Borough Council is normally decided on a thirds system – with a third of seats up every year for three years with a fourth year off.

However, following a review by the Local Government Boundary Commission for England (LGBCE) of the ward arrangements in the borough the whole council is being elected.

This means that, from May 2024, the borough will be divided into 13 wards – two fewer than currently – each of which will have three borough councillors.

All 39 borough council seats – two more than the existing arrangements – will be contested at the elections on May 2 2024.

Changes also include the Brizes & Doddinghurst ward, South Weald ward and Tipps Cross ward disappearing.

Instead, there will be a Brizes, Stondon Massey & South Weald ward and a Blackmore & Doddinghurst Ward.

The council is currently in no overall control – with the Liberal Democrats running the council Labour.

It followed the Conservatives losing control of Brentwood Borough Council at last year’s local election for the first time in eight years.

Local elections will be held on Thursday, May 2 2024.  Borough council elections will be combined with the election of a Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner for the Essex Police Area.

Find out who is standing for election in each ward:

Blackmore & Doddinghurst Ward

  • Thomas Acton, Labour
  • Peter Dedman, Labour
  • Nicholas Kelly, Green Party
  • Vanessa Laplain, Liberal Democrats
  • Heather Leathley, Liberal Democrats
  • Wendy Marshall, Labour
  • Roger McCheyne, Conservative
  • Keith Parker, Conservative
  • Cliff Poppy, Conservative
  • Mary Spiers, Liberal Democrats

Brentwood North Ward

  • Carol Allen, Labour
  • Niels Andersen, Labour
  • Alison Fulcher, Liberal Democrats
  • Paul Jeater, Green Party
  • Robert Marshall, Labour
  • Steve Mayo, Liberal Democrats
  • Philip Mynott, Liberal Democrats
  • Hannah Nelson, Conservative
  • Ben Slade, Conservative
  • Harrison Slade, Conservative

Brentwood South Ward

  • Gareth Barrett, Labour
  • Tim Barrett, Labour 
  • Nigel Clarke, Liberal Democrats
  • Adrian Coolbergen, Conservative
  • Toby Green, Liberal Democrats
  • Peter Jakobsson, Conservative
  • Elizabeth Jerrard, Labour
  • Arthur Leathley, Liberal Democrats
  • Michael Parrish, Conservative

Brentwood West Ward

  • Kevin Brailey, Labour
  • Sarah Cloke, Liberal Democrats
  • David Kendall, Liberal Democrats
  • Richard Millwood, Labour and Co-operative Party
  • Joanna Moncrieff, Labour
  • Dominic Naylor, Liberal Democrats
  • Ethan Russell, Conservative
  • Alexander Sardinha, Green Party
  • Sandy Tanner, Conservative

Brizes, Stondon Massey & South Weald Ward

  • Rebecca Enifer, Green Party
  • Chrissy Gelderbloem, Conservative
  • David Jobbins, Labour
  • Brenner Munden, Liberal Democrats
  • Nicola Munden, Liberal Democrats
  • Will Russell, Conservative
  • Brent Smith, Liberal Democrats
  • Soni Sunger, Conservative
  • Eric Watts, Labour
  • Pauline Watts, Labour

Herongate, Ingrave & West Horndon Ward

  • Adrian Baldock, Conservative
  • June Barrett, Labour
  • Paul Barrett, Barrett
  • Gary Earle, Labour
  • Anne Long, Liberal Democrats
  • Fiona Marsh, Conservative
  • Gary Maxius, Liberal Democrats
  • Sheila Murphy, Conservative
  • Benedicta Worsfold, Liberal Democrats

Hutton East Ward

  • Ben Booker, Labour
  • Malcolm Burgess, Labour
  • Francis Caves, Liberal Democrats
  • Adam Chinnery, Conservative
  • Jason Gibson, Conservative
  • Paul Godfrey, Reform UK
  • Sat Lal, Conservative
  • Jacqueline Nyiro, Labour
  • Benjamin Rigby, Liberal Democrats
  • Sharon Ward, Liberal Democrats

Hutton North Ward

  • Keith Barber, Conservative
  • Florina Constanda, Liberal Democrats
  • Michael Flood, Green Party
  • Philip Holland, Labour
  • Noor Hussain, Labour
  • Henry MacDonnell, Liberal Democrats
  • Elise Mayer, Liberal Democrats
  • Neil McAree, Labour
  • Jay Patel, Conservative
  • Jan Pound, Conservative

Hutton South Ward

  • Laura Carey, Liberal Democrats
  • John Chapple, Liberal Democrats
  • Roger Hirst, Conservative
  • Valdomiro Lourenco, Liberal Democrats
  • Mark Reed, Conservative
  • Roy Saunders, Labour
  • Melissa Slade, Conservative
  • Rowan Sumner, Labour
  • Jane Winter, Labour

Ingatestone, Fryerning & Mountnessing Ward

  • Thomas Bridge, Conservative
  • Patrica Dedman, Labour
  • Richard Enever, Labour
  • Hugh Gorton, Liberal Democrats
  • Margaret Hyde, Liberal Democrats
  • Caroline Russell, Labour
  • Darryl Sankey, Liberal Democrats
  • Lesley Wagland, Conservative
  • David Wylie, Conservative

Pilgrims Hatch Ward

  • Barry Aspinell, Liberal Democrats
  • Simon Ball, Labour
  • Frank Cowley, Conservative
  • Francisca Dapp, Labour
  • Vicky Davies, Liberal Democrats
  • David Hale, Green Party
  • Katie Hutton, Labour
  • Mary Jakobsson, Conservative
  • Mark Lewis, Liberal Democrats
  • Louise Rowlands, Conservative

Shenfield Ward

  • Richard Briggs, Reform UK
  • Sandy Brown, Conservative
  • Anna Cadzow, Labour
  • Dick Carter, Labour
  • Nicky Cuthbert, Liberal Democrats
  • David Goode, Green Party
  • Thomas Gordon, Conservative
  • Thomas Heard, Conservative
  • Dominic Maddock, Labour
  • John Singh, Liberal Democrats
  • David Worsfold, Liberal Democrats

Warley Ward

  • Michael Bernstein, Labour
  • Martin Cuthbert, Liberal Democrats
  • Paul Faragher, Conservative
  • John Gibson, Conservative
  • Jackie Gilbey, Labour
  • Mark Haigh, Liberal Democrats
  • Susan Kortlandt, Labour and Co-operative Party
  • Jay Laplain, Liberal Democrats
  • Jean McGinley, Conservative
  • Olivia Ritson, Green Party

Piers Meyler

Local Democracy Reporter