Local elections: Castle Point candidates

Voters across Essex have a chance to change the politics of their district in local elections in May.

Castle Point Borough Council will be electing a third of its members this year, and the candidates who will be fighting for seats in 11 wards are listed below.

The council is currently controlled by the Conservatives.

While only Conservative and Canvey Island Independent Party members have seats on the council other parties are standing and will be hoping for victories in the wards they are contesting.

The Liberal Democrats are not fielding any candidates.

Here is a list of all the candidates standing this year.

Appleton Ward

  • Wayne Johnson, Conservative Party
  • Lynsey McCarthy-Calvert, The People`s Independent Party
  • Toni Rocha, Labour Party

Boyce Ward

  • Gwyn Bailey, Labour Party
  • Allan Edwards, The People`s Independent Party
  • Jack Fortt, Conservative Party

Canvey Island Central Ward

  • Amanda Arnold, Conservative Party
  • Peter May, Canvey Island Independent Party
  • Terry Miller, Labour Party

Canvey Island East Ward

  • Alan Acott, Canvey Island Independent Party
  • Owen Cartey, Conservative Party
  • Jackie Reilly, Labour Party

Canvey Island North Ward

  • Nick Harvey, Canvey Island Independent Party
  • Maggie McArthur-Curtis, Labour and Cooperative Party
  • Adrian Roper, Conservative Party

Canvey Island South Ward

  • Liz Anderson, Labour Party
  • Eleanor Dixon, Conservative Party
  • Barry Palmer, Canvey Island Independent Party

Canvey Island West Ward

  • Jay Blissett, Conservative Party
  • Heidi Cox, Labour Party
  • Jamie Huntman, Canvey Island Independent Party
  • Sean Quartermaine, Independent

Canvey Island Winter Gardens Ward

  • Kate Curtis, Labour Party
  • Peter Greig, Canvey Island Independent Party
  • John Stone, Conservative Party

Cedar Hall Ward

  • Moreblessing Chasiya, Labour Party
  • Tom Gibson, The People`s Independent Party
  • Pat Haunts, Conservative Party

St. George’s Ward

  • Nicola Benson, The People`s Independent Party
  • Ros Dunhill, Labour and Cooperative Party
  • Sue Mumford, Conservative Party

St. James’ Ward

  • Godfrey Isaacs, Conservative Party
  • Dina Mehdi, Labour Party

Piers Meyler

Local Democracy Reporter