Local elections: Rochford candidates

District politics could be changed as voters get a chance to choose their elected representatives in council elections in May. Rochford District Council will be electing a third of its members this year, and the candidates who will be fighting for seats in 13 wards were announced this week.

The council is currently controlled by the Conservatives but that may change if enough seats swing to opposition parties. These include candidates from Labour and the Lib Dems as well as independents.

You must be registered to vote in local elections. The deadline to register is midnight on Thursday April 14.

Here is a list of all the candidates standing this year:

Downhall & Rawreth

  • James Hedges (Labour and Co-operative Party)
  • Keith Podd (Conservative)
  • Christopher Stanley (Liberal Democrats)

Foulness & The Wakerings

  • Philip Hannan (Labour)
  • Jo McPherson (Conservative)

Hawkwell East

  • Hollie Ridley (Labour)
  • Phil Shaw (Conservative)
  • Deborah Squires-Coleman (Rochford District Residents)

Hawkwell West

  • Julie Gooding (Conservative)
  • Teddy Ryan George (Labour)
  • Andrea Styles (Rochford District Residents)


  • Reid Fairbairn (Conservative)
  • John Mason (Rochford District Residents)
  • Ian Rooke (Labour)

Hockley & Ashingdon

  • Danielle Belton (Conservative)
  • Roger Gardner (Liberal Democrats)
  • Jack Griffiths (Labour)
  • Elliot Mason (Rochford District Residents)
  • Carole Weston (Independent)


  • Conner Agius (Labour)
  • Scott Peters (Conservative)
  • Stuart Wilson (Green Party)


  • Richard Lambourne (Rochford District Residents)
  • Lorraine Ridley (Labour)
  • Simon Smith (Conservative)

Roche North & Rural

  • David Bodimeade (Labour)
  • George Ioannou (Liberal Democrats)
  • Laureen Shaw (Conservative)

Roche South

  • David Miles (Rochford District Residents)
  • Mike Steptoe (Conservative)
  • Vicky Williams (Labour)

Sweyne Park & Grange

  • Craig Archer (Labour)
  • Jordan Jacobs (Conservative)
  • Vilma Wilson (Rochford District Residents)


  • Steve Cooper (Labour)
  • Robin Dray (Conservative)
  • David Sharp (Liberal Democrats)


  • Jamie Burton (Independent)
  • Andrew Cross (Liberal Democrats)
  • David Lench (Labour)
  • Richard Linden (Conservative)

Piers Meyler

Local Democracy Reporter