LOCAL ELECTIONS: Rochford District Council candidates

A third of Rochford District Council seats are up for election on Thursday May 2.

The council has been run by a joint administration since May last year. After the 2023 local elections, the council remained in no overall control.

However, four political groups; Independent and Green, Liberal Democrats, Rochford District Independents and Rochford District Residents, formed a Joint Administration to lead the district.

The council is run by thirds in which 13 seats out of 39 are up for election each year for three years with the fourth year off.

The Conservatives saw five councillors elected in 2023, bringing their total to 14, which was a loss of three from the previous election. Independent candidates had one member elected, bringing their total to nine, which remained unchanged from last time.

Borough council elections will be combined with the election of a Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner as well as those to Hockley and Hullbridge parish councils and Rayleigh Town Council.

Downhall & Rawreth

  • Jim Cripps, Liberal Democrats
  • James Hedges, Labour
  • Marie Langley, Conservative

Foulness & The Wakerings

  • Rosalind Efde, Conservative
  • Gary Myers, Independent
  • Lorraine Ridley, Labour
  • Steve Tellis, Liberal Democrats

Hawkwell East

  • Bella-Elena Armstrong, Heritage Party
  • Joe Capon, Rochford District Residents
  • Toni Carter, Conservative
  • Keith Montgomery, Labour
  • Mike Webb, Independent
  • Rachel White, The Green Party

Hawkwell West

  • David Osborne, Conservative
  • Teddy Ryan, Labour
  • Ian Wilson, Rochford District Residents


  • Phil Capon, Rochford District Residents
  • Eileen Gadsdon, Conservative
  • Ian Rooke, Labour
  • Chris Taylor, The Green Party

Hockley & Ashingdon

  • Tracy Capon, Rochford District Residents
  • Roger Constable, Conservative
  • Hollie Ridley, Labour
  • John Waldron, The Green Party


  • Michael Hoy, Independent
  • David Lench, Labour
  • Kelly Moody, Conservative


  • Robin Dray, Conservative
  • Robert Milne, Liberal Democrats

Roche North & Rural

  • Conner Agius, Labour
  • Denise Crosbie (Not Indicated)
  • John Gallivan, The Green Party
  • Jennifer Johnson, Liberal Democrats
  • Phil Shaw, Conservative

Roche South

  • Shona Louise Hyde-Williams, Labour
  • Angelina Marriott, Conservative
  • Samantha Spiteri, The Green Party
  • Debbie Taylor, Liberal Democrats

Sweyne Park & Grange

  • Lisa Newport, Independent
  • Scott Peters, Conservative
  • Victoria Williams, Labour


  • Steve Cooper, Labour
  • Matt O`Leary, Liberal Democrats
  • Simon Smith, Conservative


  • Jamie Burton, Independent
  • China Kishore, Conservative
  • Jack Lawmon, Independent
  • Billy Ridley, Labour
  • Mike Sutton, Liberal Democrats