Lost the plot

Mick Ferris

The Lost City (12A, 112 minutes)

Sandra Bullock bids farewell to Hollywood for the foreseeable future with a dire, instantly forgettable piece of flotsam that owes far too much to Romancing The Stone for comfort.

It’s a great shame that she should sign off with something so lazy and throwaway because usually she is able to bring some appeal and charm to everything she does and romantic comedies in particular are very much her comfort zone. Even Two Weeks Notice was watchable because of Sandy.

But it’s plainly obvious here that she would rather be somewhere else. Her heart is just not in it anymore.

An archaeologist, who took to writing a series of romantic adventure novels after the death of her husband, is kidnapped by wealthy man-child Daniel Radcliffe who hopes she can lead him to an ancient city’s lost priceless artefact.

The books’ cover model, Alan (Channing Tatum in nice but dim himbo mode) decides to try and rescue her with help from Brad Pitt as a real deal tough guy who steals every scene he’s in for the four days he spent on set to provide a comic cameo that cries out for more screen time.

It’s all harmless hokum that would have been fine and dandy 40 years ago, but in the present day this jungle hi jinks is nowhere near as funny as it thinks it is. The screenplay is just plain lazy and much of the dialogue painfully contrived. I doubt even a rewrite could have saved it.

RATING: 3/10


Mick Ferris

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