Love And Thunder hits a Thor point

Thor: Love And Thunder (12A, 119 minutes)

It’s not the giant screaming goats, not Christian Bale still being completely recognisable as villain Gorr the God Butcher, despite the Verun the Druid from Britannia getup or Natalie Portman’s helmet on – off – on – off again continuity puzzle.

It’s not the terminal illness storyline amid a screenplay littered with Naked Gun gags, the annoying and completely pointless cameo appearances or how the film suffers from a profound identity crisis.

No, the tipping point in Thor: Love And Thunder, which really puts the rubber sell by date on the character and on Marvel films post Endgame is Russell Crowe’s portrayal of Zeus as Stavros Fatley, kebab shop owner.

Even I found his “matey peeps” comedy Greek accent disturbing for the 2020s.

Still in the midst of his mid life crisis, the god of thunder returns to New Asgard, which is now a coastal tourist trap, to face the encroaching threat of the God Butcher, who wields the only sword capable of dispatching the immortals.

He finds that the Asgardians have a new saviour in his former girlfriend Jane Foster (Portman), who, equipped with his hammer is now The Mighty Thor.

But it will take both of them to tackle Gorr when he kidnaps the community’s children.

Marvel films have always thrived on their comedic quips, but at their heart they are action movies with some amusing bits.

Unfortunately, especially as writer/director Taika Waititi is usually a guarantee for quality, this film seems to think it’s primarily a slapstick comedy with action set pieces thrown in, and that turns it into a pastiche – a very very expensive one, but still a pastiche created through a lack of any original ideas to move the saga forwards in the face of having a multi million dollar budget thrown at it.

Even its aspirations to be a chucklefest ultimately fail. The gags that connect are good enough, but too many feel crowbarred in and miss the mark.

Despite two post credit scenes, the first of which suggests there is more to come, it is surely time to put Thor Odinson to bed.

RATING: 5/10


Mick Ferris

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