Maher baffled by ref blunders

Maidenhead United v Southend United – Vanrarama National League – York Road Stadium – Reaction

Maidenhead United 2-1 Southend United

Kevin Maher was left fuming with referee Daniel Middleton after the beleaguered official conjured up a string of baffling decisions during Southend United’s 2-1 Vanarama National League defeat at the hands of Maidenhead United.

Middleton handed Maidenhead a free-kick which lead to Ryan Upward’s winning goal, when Blues defender, Ollie Kensdale had cleanly taken the ball. The whistler then sent-off James Dunne in the aftermath as incensed Southend players let their feelings be known.

“Kens has won the ball,” Blues boss, Kevin Maher explained.

“He’s won the ball and there’s nothing else to say apart from that. He is the only one in the ground that has thought it was a free-kick.

And if he thinks Kens has brought him down, and Kens was nearly the last man and on a booking, he should probably send him off if that’s the case.

“The fourth official told me that it didn’t lead to the goal…the only one it seems who thinks it’s a foul is him.”

On the red card for Dunne, Maher added: “I will speak to Dunne afterwards. I haven’t spoken to him yet. He’s sworn I’m guessing, but I’ll find out.

“Dunne knows he shouldn’t do that if he has done that, but the consequence of what caused it is obviously the decision.

“The frustration with the players is all the little decisions all night. We couldn’t get one and they kept getting them. You might say you have to go to ground to get a foul, but the big decisions have decided the game.”

Brian Jeeves