Major temporary car park could be built on green belt land in Purfleet

Up to 200 temporary parking spaces could be built on a former raceway in Purfleet to support the construction of an electricity generation plant.

The planning application submitted to Thurrock Council proposes building a temporary car park on green belt land sandwiched between the Lakeside shopping centre to the south and the A13 to the north, which once formed part of the old Arena Raceway.

It would have capacity for 200 cars, temporary security fencing, temporary welfare facilities, temporary bike rack and a temporary bus shelter.

Planning documents state the car park will be in place for up to 3 years and function as a “transfer point” for construction workers on a Thurrock Power electricity generation plant and battery storage facility to the south west of Station Road near Tilbury.

Workers will park their cars and transfer to coaches and minibuses to travel to the construction site. The documents note that “this will reduce traffic flows on the local roads approaching the construction site”.

The application for the electricity plant is yet to be approved and the final say lies with the secretary of state. The plant is described as “a gas fired electricity generating station” that will help “the transition towards a low carbon economy”.

If the Government chooses not to grant planning permission for the plant, the temporary car park will be cancelled.

Planning documents were submitted to the council last week and are expected to be discussed by the planning committee in the near future.


Steve Shaw

Local Democracy Reporter