Make working from home a success

Working from home is something many more of us have experienced since the coronavirus pandemic hit and transformed the working world. While we may not be permanently at home, making a success of it when we do is highly dependent on the technology, we have access and the software we choose.

Working remotely can be great for a more flexible lifestyle and managing a better work-home balance but transitioning to remote work requires the right tools and here we’re looking at some which will make it super straightforward.

G Suite

G Suite is from the powerhouse that is Google and provides a whole arsenal of valuable tools which you can use for all aspects of work. G Suite incorporates everything from video conferencing, chat features, productivity apps to Google Drive storage, docs and spreadsheets, essential for many computer-based roles. The tools are all cloud-based and this means everything loaded up within your G Suite is accessible wherever you are and shared files can be accessed by everyone who needs them. This is great if you work from home and the office on different days.


Asana and similar SaaS tools exist to help team collaboration and focus. Features such as virtual to-do lists help make it clear what task is the responsibility of what team member and everyone can work collaboratively with a full understanding of everyone’s roles and who should be delivering what and when.


One of the most popular business tools there is, Zoom makes video conferencing and even simple team meetings straightforward and easy. Zoom’s popularity saw its share prices shoot sky-high and more and more businesses are seeing how useful it is for creating the buzz and atmosphere of the conference room, as ideas can flow freely, and people can receive the feedback necessary for engaging with remote workers wherever they may be.


Slack is a powerful way of keeping teams motivated and on task, whilst also allowing them the occasional space to chat and unwind. You can setup a full range of different channels for different departments and even have channels dedicated to tea break chat, banter and the fun and social side of work too. You can also contact individual employees privately and it’s a great tool for quickly checking in on anyone you may be worried about and would usually be able to pull to one side in the office.

Choose Your Technology Carefully

The tools and software your workplace chooses may differ. Many businesses love Microsoft and their Teams software for example and others are dedicated to all things Apple so opt for officially licensed Apple alternatives. Your options will be somewhat governed by your workplace, but you can always make suggestions and see if there is a more effective option worth trying.

Your home is your place to relax and unwind so turning it into your workspace too can be a little difficult to get used to. Ensuring you have the right tech in place so you can work without interruption or difficulty will help make the whole process more manageable and the right software will also ensure you can easily sync when you’re in the office too.