Man convicted of attacking pensioner with broken bottle in Chelmsford

A man has been convicted of attacking a stranger in Chelmsford with a broken bottle.

The victim, a 71-year-old man, was enjoying a New Year’s Day walk at around 3pm on January 1, when he had the misfortune to meet Alan Nicholson.

Nicholson, 53, of Rayne Road, Braintree, walked towards the victim on Chatham Hall Lane, Little Waltham, Chelmsford, before shouting at him in an aggressive manner.

Nicholson then picked up a glass bottle from the grass verge next to him, smashing it on the road and chasing after the victim as he tried to flee.

The victim fell over while running away.

Nicholson approached him, stood over him and thrust the broken bottle towards his face.

The victim turned his head to protect his face and eyes, resulting in the offender catching the side of his head with the broken glass, causing a cut.

Nicholson then walked away onto Blasford Hill.

A passer-by spotted the victim and came to his aid, before dialling 999.

A short time late this same passer-by spotted an individual matching Nicholson’s description and called Police. By this time an officer was on the scene of the attack and with the victim in her car, drove in the direction of where the man had been spotted.

Passing him, the victim identified his assailant.

After his arrest, Nicholson began to get agitated and tried to headbutt the officer. He was further arrested on suspicion of assaulting an emergency worker.

Nicholson was charged with attempting to cause grievous bodily harm with intent and common assault of an emergency worker.

Appearing at Chelmsford Crown Court on Tuesday September 5, he admitted both charges and will be sentenced at the same court on Friday October 6.