Man jailed after being caught dealing drugs in Basildon

A drug dealer has been jailed after travelling from Cornwall to Essex to sell drugs.

Operation Raptor officers caught Rashid Miah about to sell drugs to three users in Butneys, Basildon, on May 7.

During a search of his car, they found 12 wraps of cocaine, 20 wraps of heroin and a bottle of ammonia. He had another wrap of heroin and £335.25 in cash in his pockets.

A mobile phone showed messages relating to drug deals.

The 32-year-old of Peverell Terrace, Porthleven, told the court he had been selling drugs to pay off debts.

Miah admitted possession with intent to supply cocaine and heroin and possession of an offensive weapon in a public place when he appeared at Chelmsford Magistrates’ Court on May 7.

He was jailed at Basildon Crown on July 10 for two years and four months and must also pay £350.25 under a confiscation order.

PC Adam Blackwell said: “During the police interview, Miah said he had been in Basildon to meet someone for a date and while looking for a parking space, a man dropped the drugs into his car through an open window.

“He said the drugs were not his and the money was earned from his job as a waiter.

“But the evidence told a different story and he admitted the offences in court.

“Some people think selling drugs is an easy way to earn money, and there are others who are coerced into selling drugs through fear of having violence used against them or their loved ones.

“Selling drugs is a no-win situation for everyone. You will be caught and you face being jailed, which will not only affect the rest of your life but also impact on your loved ones too.

“The risks are just not worth it.”


Mick Ferris

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