Man jailed for series of crimes across Chelmsford

A man has been jailed following a series of burglaries, thefts and criminal damage across Chelmsford.

Between August and October this year Callum Galloway, 27, burgled businesses, stole a moped and smashed car windows before snatching items from within vehicles.

Police linked him to three counts of theft, one count of criminal damage and two of vehicle interference:

  • On August 13, the window of a car was broken in Widford Road, Chelmsford, with a bag taken from inside and later found dumped nearby. The bag was found to have Galloway’s DNA on the inside. Further enquiries showed Galloway on CCTV in the area, shining torches through car windows in the area.
  • On August 25, Galloway attended the Tesco store in Princes Road, Chelmsford, stealing a moped from the area. The moped was trackedand forensically seized. Galloway’s DNA was uncovered after a finger mark on the vehicle was analysed.
  • On September 5, Galloway broke car windows at a dealership in Chelmsford.
  • Also on September 5 and into the early hours of September 6, two incidents were reported at Baddow Road car park. Entry was forced to a car and, although no items were taken, the cost of repairs totalled a three-figure sum. Enquiries again uncovered Galloway’s DNA inside the vehicle. A window to a second car was also smashed, with items including a battery charger pack and portable speaker stolen. Analysis of CCTV showed Galloway cycling around the car park shining a torch through vehicle windows.
  • On September 26, the rear window of a car was shattered at a retail park in Chelmsford. Galloway’s DNA was found inside.

Galloway was also found to have committed five burglaries and one attempted burglary in the area, including:

  • On August 20, a café owner in Chelmsford received a call reporting a break-in at his business. It was discovered items worth a three-figure sum had been stolen. CSI conducted forensic enquiries, analysing a bag found at the scene which again was found to have Galloway’s DNA on it.
  • On September 11, Galloway forced his way into three business units at Tattersall Way Estate, causing damage and taking items.
  • On September 15, he forced his way into a business premises in Gloucester Avenue, taking a safe and leaving damage behind.
  • On September 30, he burgled Chelmsford Golf Club, in Widford Road, forcing entry to an outbuilding and stealing stock and memorabilia. The cost of damage and items taken was worth £4,500.

Galloway was arrested in Coval Lane, Chelmsford, on Tuesday October 17. He was found to be carrying a screwdriver.

He admitted five counts of burglary, one count of attempted burglary, three counts of theft, two counts of vehicle interference and one count of criminal damage.

At Chelmsford Crown Court on Friday December 1, he was sentenced to two years’ imprisonment.