Mark Noble Football School kicks off in Billericay

Mick Ferris

Basildon Council has welcomed the Mark Noble Football School to the borough as it begins delivering football classes to sold-out demand, helping children remain active during the pandemic.

Councillor David Harrison said: “Mark Noble has been a greater supporter of our community hub, and he’s continually helped our children and young people get active and choose healthy paths—and develop confidence with it.

“Due to Covid-19 many children and teenagers will have had a tough time knowing that their sporting events they had planned were delayed or cancelled.

“But by bringing football classes to Billericay in the summer holidays the football school is providing an amazing experience for our youth.”

The original venue for the football school was closed due to Covid-19 and relocated to Billericay, where it’s running this week and again at the end of August. 

Mark Noble said: “I’m so happy the football camps are back and I’m excited they are being held at Billericay FC this summer!

“I really enjoyed helping the kids stay active, improve their game and—very importantly—have fun in a safe environment.

“2020 has been a strange year for everyone but I’m very pleased MNF can provide the kids with a chance to meet new friends and learn new skills whilst playing the game we all love.”

The school is offering places to 75 students, while following social distancing and sanitisation guidelines to help reduce the possibility of COVID-19 transmission.

Places are currently limited with waiting lists due to reductions of classes from the pandemic but work is already under way on a new class in the October half-term break—which is currently being planned and will respond to pandemic regulations in place at that point.

Russell Short, director of football at the Mark Noble Football School oversees a team of eight coaches that provide the classes for five up to fourteen year olds. Mr Short said:

“Yesterday the students couldn’t wait to get playing, it was great to see.

“We try and make it as professional and organised as possible and we try and make it as efficient as possible so that the coaches know what we expect of them and it runs really well. Our priority is to give the kids an experience that they remember. Some of my best memories are football camps when I was younger and that’s what we want to give back to the young people coming to our classes.”


Mick Ferris

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