Milestone reached in Purfleet power project

Work to install new power infrastructure to reinforce electricity supplies in and around Purfleet has reached a new milestone.

The first of two new transformers has now been installed and energised as part of the £5.6million project with the second one to be introduced and complete the scheme next year.

The new electrical equipment, which also includes new circuit breakers, will help maintain reliable electricity supplies for around 18,000 local homes and businesses and future proof the Thurrock area for the anticipated rise in electric vehicles and heat pumps in coming years.

Transformers lower the voltage, enabling electricity to safely flow down UK Power Networks’ cables to people’s homes while the company will also put in place new switching equipment which enables power cuts to be fixed remotely.

Paul Wisdom, project manager, for UK Power Networks, said: “We are effectively halfway there now with the first transformer installed and looking forward to completing a vital project for the Purfleet area next year with the energising of a second.

“The work we are doing will have lasting benefits for the local community with thousands of homes and businesses knowing they have more robust power supplies as the country as a whole moves towards its net zero goals.”

UK Power Networks is investing £600 million in the electricity network across the South East, London and East of England this year. More than eight million homes and businesses are connected to electricity via the company’s cables and substations.


Mick Ferris

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