Molesley baffled by ‘freak’ goal as Blues slip

Southend United 0-1 Bolton Wanderers – Reaction

Mark Molesley suggested that bizarre circumstances led to Bolton Wanderers late winner at Roots Hall.

Blues goalkeeper, Mark Oxley appeared to misjudge the flight of a deflected clearance before pushing the ball into the path of Trotter’s substitute, Shaun Miller. However, the Blues chief was unprepared to lay the blame at the feet of his beleaguered stopper.

“I think I saw a goal like that about fourteen years ago,” Molesley bemoaned.

“There was a shout that it had gone off the pitch, but it’s held up in the wind and hit the back of the crossbar, and somehow spun out and come round. From our point of view, we thought it was off. There was a shout for it being off as well and it was just a real freak moment.”

In truth, Southend never looked like winning the contest but had defended stoutly, backing up recent defensive displays at Newport and Cambridge.

“In the second half, I thought we were really solid,” Molesley added.

I didn’t think we looked like conceding whatsoever and it’s taken an absolute freak moment – It’s flown over the crossbar and somehow spun back in off the top of the crossbar, and their guy has done well to turn it home. He must have thought all his Christmases had come at once.

“It’s easy to say don’t switch off and make sure the referee has blown, but we just momentarily switched off for a split second because it was sailing over the crossbar.

“Somehow, it held up in the wind and spun back off the crossbar. Until that whistle is blown, you’ve got to be alive and alert to it and we weren’t.
“It was the only time in the game where we weren’t alert and alive to something, and we’ve been cruelly punished today. It’s a cruel game.”


Brian Jeeves