Morbius fails to get the blood pumping

Morbius (15, 104 minutes)

Jared Leto has become a bit of a joke amongst the Ferris boys after stories that he had remained in character on the set of the first Suicide Squad film, only to have much of his work edited out, much to his chagrin. Then there was that accent (I don’t think we can put the blame for the prosthetics on him really) in House of Gucci.

So it looked very much like I had drawn the short straw this week.

But of all the faults that lie with this film, and there are many, Leto can’t really be held responsible for them (although it wouldn’t surprise be to discover he had spent three months on crutches as research).

Apart from being weighed down by a painfully earnest demeanor and what appears to be self appointed Day Lewis syndrome, Leto does his level best to at least make a go of being a brooding, shouty throwing his toys out of the pram Spider Man villain in a film without Spider Man.

It’s been done successfully before, but this is certainly no Joker and which of the three Spider Men in the multiverse applies here is anyone’s guess – a sloppy, random post credits scene doesn’t do much to provide an answer.

The problem lies in a highly contrived and predictable storyline that provides no twists or surprises, which leaves only blue screen set pieces that fail to impress when compared to the likes of No Way Home, Endgame.or the new Batman

Two childhood friends connected by a life-shortening blood disorder react in opposite ways to the side effect of a cure to their lives of increasing pain and disability.

After years of searching for a breakthrough, Dr Michael Morbius (Leto) creates a cocktail of rare vampire bat DNA and human blood.

You don’t need three guesses to figure out what the downside is going to be to keeping that newfound health, strength, agility and bat senses.

While Morbius sees it as a curse, his brother from another mother Milo (former Doctor Who Matt Smith) embraces the price of these powers and so we have a Wolverine Origins scenario in a film that already lacked any vestige of original thought or intention of being anything but cynical corporate filler.

RATING: 5/10


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