More lockdown streaming treats

With a second lockdown upon us here are some streaming series for you to catch up with:

The Boys Series 2 (Amazon Prime) – In a world where costumed super heroes are a corporate commodity, Karl Urban and Jack Quaid lead a resistance aimed at exposing the truth.

Truth Seekers (Amazon Prime) – The latest Nick Frost and Simon Pegg collaboration with Frost as a Wi-fi installation engineer and part time ghost hunter. Malcolm Macdowell and Julian Barret from the Mighy Boosh as the vilain of the piece make welcome appearances.

The Umbrella Academy Series 2 (Netflix) – Adapted from the comic book series by My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way, a sextet of adopted siblings each with powers try to prevent the end of the world. A very strong cast includes Juno and Inception star Ellen Page.

The Mandalorian Series 2 (Netflix) – Star Wars adventure set after the story arc of the feature films sees a bounty hunter acting as protector to a baby Yoda (except obviously, it’s not Yoda because of the timeline).

Ratched (Netflix) – Sarah Paulson is hypnotic as the psychiatric nurse in this chilling series set 25 years before her appearance in One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest. Unmissable, but be ready for some shocks. Best of the bunch.

Mick Ferris

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