More TV gems for lockdown

DEVS (BBC2) – If you like your sci fi dark, it doesn’t come much darker than this engrossing series as Nick Offerman and Alison Pill head up top secret experimentation into time manipulation. Anyone posing a potential risk to the project is simply disposed of.

AFTER LIFE Series 2 (Netflix) – Ricky Gervais passed the point where he could be forgiven for resting on his laurels long ago yet everything he touches is still pure comedy gold and this tale of a recently widowed newspaper reporter is his masterpiece, supplying tears and side-splitting belly laughs in equal measure.

FLACK Series 2 (W) – Oscar winner Anna Paquin returns as a ruthless celebrity PR agent who rescues clients’ reputations while her own life is in freefall. Lydia Wilson as bitchy sidekick Eve steals the show.

KILLING EVE Series 3 (BBC1) – Whatever you’ve been reading on clickbait about this show being past its best, disregard it. This story of a former MI6 agent and her connection with a psychopathic contract killer is still one of the best things on terrestrial telly and stars Sandra Oh, Jodie Comer and Fiona Shaw are a class apart.

DYNAMO: BEYOND BELIEF (Sky) – After three years of serious health issues which threatened his entire career, the master magician and illusionist returns with three new programmes featuring more breathtaking feats – even by his standards.

NORMAL PEOPLE (BBC3/iPlayer – Adaptation of Sally Rooney’s bestseller made all the more exceptional by the performances of lead actors Daisy Edgar-Jones and newcomer Paul Mescal.

CODE 404 (Sky One) – Anything with Stephen Graham or Daniel Mays in it is pretty much a guaranteed must-watch. Put both of them together and you’ve got something really special. Two plain clothes cops get up to all sorts of shenanigans when one is brought back from the dead with an untested computer program that has more than a few teething problems.

SAVE ME TOO (Sky Atlantic) – Stephen Graham shows up again for a second series of the thriller written by and starring Lennie James as a father trying to rescue his kidnapped daughter from a sex ring. Also stars Suranne Jones.

MINDHUNTER (Netflix) – David Fincher’s chilling psychological drama follows two FBI agents in the early 1970s as they travel across the USA interviewing the country’s most notorious serial killers to catalogue the signs of someone being psychopathic – a method now known as profiling. Visually striking, not least for the eerily accurate and chilling portrayal of 6ft 9in serial killer Ed Kemper, one of the main contributors to the study and still an inmate at the medical facility in California State Prison for the murder of 10 people including his mother and grandparents. I watched a documentary on Kemper and could not distinguish between the real killer and actor Cameron Britton’s Emmy nominated portrayal.

GANGS OF LONDON (Sky One) – Violence on a cinematic scale as the son of an organised crime boss seeks revenge on those responsible for his father’s murder. Big budget production values – a huge chunk of it spent on fake blood – and brilliantly choreographed fight sequences. If your stomach can take it this is a hugely exciting crime thriller.


Mick Ferris

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