Moyes remains calm while his Hammers turn up the heat

West Ham United 2-1 Tottenham Hotspur – Reaction

I think it’s fair to say, in terms of the Premier League, West Ham United are enjoying the sort of season most Tottenham Hotspur supporters would have expected from their own side.

Fourteen victories and sitting in the top four. Indeed, probably the least expectation from the Lilywhites and their multi-talented group.

But it’s David Moyes’ men who are impressing. Hard-working, honest and with a pinch of flair thrown in. Hammers followers are fancying it just now. But how are the manager and his squad dealing with added pressure and expectation which comes with winning Premier League football matches?

“I actually think that a manager’s job is to raise expectations, but when he does that there is a job to manage it.

“West Ham are a club that may have won a big game [in the past] but what West Ham couldn’t do was have a bit of consistency and stability, that was the way I looked at it from my understanding of football.

“I am looking at West Ham and saying, ‘what is the first thing I’d like to do?’ Well, I’d like to get a consistent level of performance so that we are not a team around the bottom or bobbing around too much I want us to be higher up.”

Moyes continued: “Undoubtedly, we are ahead of our time so is there an expectation to finish up there? I don’t know if there is, I think it will be driven by the media and other people.

“I have just told the players, we have done half the job lets see if we can finish the other half off. Where does that last half take us? I’m really hoping we can get into one of the European competitions but if it doesn’t and we finish outside it I think it would be hard to say the players haven’t had a good year because they have done a great job.”

Jesse Lingard added to Michail Antonio’s early opener before Lucus Moura gave Spurs false hope. Moyes spoke about the impact the Manchester United loanee has had since linking up with the East Londoners.
“There is a bit of me that says yes, Jesse is a really talented footballer it wasn’t long ago that he was an England international who was making a big contribution.

“I think he can play in two of three positions and he has shown he has got a goal in him.

Going into the January transfer window is never an easy time and I think this was probably one of the hardest because of the pandemic and the difficulty in getting players. So to bring somebody in who helps your team and improved it is not an easy thing to go and Jesse is improving it and making us better.”


Brian Jeeves

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