MP welcomes Boris’ new Brexit deal

Mick Ferris

Stephen Metcalfe, MP for South Basildon and East Thurrock, has issued a statement regarding the deal struck between the EU and the UK for a Brexit withdrawal deal.

Mr Metcalfe said: “More people have contacted me about Brexit than any other topic since I became an MP in 2010. I am very grateful to all those who have shared their constructive views with me on Brexit, but the time and opportunity has now come to secure a great new deal and move on to other priorities such as the NHS, education & policing.

“The Prime Minister has secured a new Brexit deal with the EU that lays the clear foundation for a comprehensive future Free Trade Agreement and delivers on the promises made to British public, honouring the 2016 referendum.

“It allows us to take back control of our laws, money, borders, fish, agriculture policy, environmental policy, immigration system and make free trade deals around the world as a proud independent country once again.

“It includes the transition period so businesses can adjust to new arrangements that we can make for the first time in a generation, whilst preserving mutual free trade with our closest allies. This represents an enormous chance to make laws to suit us best, build on our world leading environmental standards and implement a points-based immigration system.

“The Prime Minister has successfully abolished the undemocratic backstop. This was of major concern as it potentially locked the UK into the EU indefinitely, without the ability to leave. The new arrangements end that problem and importantly do so with the ongoing democratic consent of Northern Ireland.”

With Parliament set to vote on the deal in a special sitting on Saturday, Mr Metcalfe added: “I have always believed in the benefits that Brexit can bring and feel that the Prime Minister must be able to deliver Brexit, Deal or No Deal, by October 31 for MPs on all sides to stand any chance of regaining the trust of the British public.

“The House of Commons will now sit on Saturday October 19, where MPs will have the chance to vote on Boris’ new Brexit Deal and take us out of the EU in an orderly way.

“The time and opportunity has now come for MPs to do the honourable thing, to vote for this deal, end the uncertainty and finally honour the result of the 2016 Referendum. I will vote for it and I encourage all my colleagues from across the House to do the same.

“That said, leaving under so-called ‘No-Deal’ terms is not a route I fear should the House of Commons vote against our renegotiated departure terms. The Government is now fully prepared to leave without a deal and I would support them doing so if necessary, but I remain hopeful a deal will pass.

“I believe that pessimistic predictions over No Deal are overblown, that the British people are much stronger than many think and that respecting democracy and reinstalling trust in politics is paramount.

“I campaigned for Brexit, I voted for Brexit and I will continue to be consistent in my pursuit to deliver Brexit as voted for by 73 per cent of my constituents and 17.4 million people.”


Mick Ferris

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