New homes plan for agricultural land in Eastwood

New homes could get the go ahead on agricultural land in Eastwood.

Nine, two-bedroom homes have been recommended for approval on undeveloped land near community allotments in Eastwoodbury Lane.

The application has been called into the development control committee for review by councillors, including St Laurence ward councillor Daniel Cowan.

Cllr Cowan said: “I understand there is a need for housing in the borough. St Laurence is an attractive location for new homes. It’s got easy access to schools and it’s a nice area to raise a family.

“But I am concerned about it because it is agricultural land. While I always view every application that comes to development control on its merit I look forward to reading the full report from officers.

“This location has previously been looked at for a potential school.

“It’s clear that land isn’t being put to its most practical use but it might be good to see it put to better use for the public with a school, a medical centre or even a wildlife reserve.”

The council received 11 letters of representation as part of its consultation over the plan.

Objections included loss of agricultural land, a lack of affordable housing and the impact on existing views.

It was also feared the proposal may set a precedent for other similar development in the immediate vicinity.

The application will be discussed by councillors on the development control committee on Thursday.


Christine Sexton

Local Democracy Reporter