New recycling scheme for Thurrock flats

People living in flats in Thurrock are being encouraged to recycle more with an innovative new scheme.

Thurrock council is rolling out a new way of tackling excess waste going to landfill following a successful pilot scheme.

Residents are being given reusable recycling bags along with a guide to what can be recycled. The bags can be emptied into a communal bin and then reused.

A fridge magnet is included in a welcome pack to allow the guide to be attached to a fridge. The recycling bag can be hung on a door handle, placed on the kitchen floor or in a cabinet under the sink. The bag has been designed so that it will not fall over when filled up with recyclables.

The communal bin has been designed so the recycled waste doesn’t get contaminated with other waste and it has a lid which automatically locks when closed.

The first phase of the scheme for council homes was completed in 2020. The second phase for private flats, which had been held up by the COVID pandemic began in August 2021 and was due to be completed last month.

Properties that have been identified as “challenging”, mostly because they are above shops and do not have a dedicated bin area with enough space for recycling bins, will be targeted during October according to a report to the council’s cleaner, greener, safer overview and scrutiny committee which will meet on Tuesday.

The report said: “As part of Thurrock Council’s commitment to ensure all its residents have access to recycling facilities and therefore can contribute to reducing the human impact on the global environment, a new recycling scheme was developed for all flatted properties in the borough.

The objectives of the new scheme are to ensure that there is equal access to the recycling service for all residents within the borough, to decrease the amount of contamination presented in recycling bins and to educate residents about recycling in our borough.”

The roll out follows a small pilot conducted in 2019 across three locations in Thurrock – The Echoes, Worthing Close and St. Leonards Close.

The council said the pilot scheme resulted in reduced contamination and was “generally received a positive response from residents”.


Christine Sexton

Local Democracy Reporter