New waste contractor set to be announced for Southend next month

A new waste contractor for Southend is set to be announced next month ahead of fortnightly bin collections being introduced.

The Labour-led administration at Southend City Council says submissions from prospective waste contractors to take over from current provider, Veolia, are in and being scrutinised ahead of an imminent decision.

The new contract will begin in April next year and will involve alternate fortnightly waste and recycling collection with wheelie bins.

Lydia Hyde, councillor responsible for climate, environment and waste, said: “There will probably be information on the waste contract in about a month’s time.

“We’re all on track for where we expect to be in terms of the timeline.

“We’ve got the submissions now, so we’re reviewing those and we’ll make a decision by the end of August as to who our waste provider will be.

“The new waste contract is going to start in April and there will be a mobilisation period that goes on until October 2025.

“Between April and September next year we are going to be focusing on how we can best prepare for the new waste contract.”

Rubbish sacks, which are currently used by residents across Southend, will continue to be provided for people in flats and for those who have no room for bins.

Cllr Hyde added: “We’re currently in the process of reviewing the details of the submissions ahead of that going to our cabinet for a decision in about a month’s time.

“At the moment we’ve got our whole waste team going through it with a fine toothcomb as to the details.

“I’m giving more focus to street cleansing.

“The decision was made by the previous administration that it’s going to be fortnightly for the household collection, but we’re seeing how that’s going to be delivered, who is going to get a bin all of those sort of questions.

“I need to be confident the new supplier has got a good enough answer for it and where we need more information that’s what I’m going to be focusing on so by the time we hit April we’re in a much better place to be ready for it.”


Christine Sexton

Local Democracy Reporter