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Trying to craftily sneak in the Liz Truss resignation titles for cronies list under the radar while the King’s New Year Honours were being released proved as successful as her disastrous 49 days in office.

How does someone who in just seven short weeks crashed the economy get to reward her gang of sycophants with peerages (let’s just call them Trusshoods because they have as much credibility as the woman herself).

Outgoing prime ministers should have served at least a couple of years in office before being allowed to dish out medals for mates and lackies.

She didn’t even get through the three-month probationary period most new starters to a position are expected to successfully complete.

Rishi the knee-high Christmas elf should have put a stop to this farce along with the handsome six-figure annual pension she is entitled to claim for her embarrassing short-lived tenure as premier.

Or maybe he was too busy cosying up to modern day Rasputin the mad monk, Dominic Cummings, trying to entice him into Team Shortarse on the quiet to sort out his election strategy after saying during the post Boris leadership election (you remember, the one Sunak lost, which wasn’t that long ago) that there was no way the bald one would ever be darkening the doorway to No10 under his command.

Now there’s desperate for you.

Doesn’t say much for all that transparency and accountability bo****ks either, does it?


Watching the likes of Rod Stewart (79 next week), Paul Jones (81) and P P Arnold (77) trying to sing and jig about on the annual BBC2 New Year’s Eve Hootenanny was an uncomfortable watch, even with the fantastic 13-piece horn section from Jools Holland’s Rhythm n Blues Orchestra firing on all cylinders (or should that be valves?).

I know it’s unreasonable to expect these figures from my youth to still have the pipes and the stamina to perform as they did 50 – 60 years ago, but watching them struggle and stagger about in front of an audience is frankly horrible to witness and even though I’m 15 years younger than the oldest of these geriatrics, it makes me think I should just lock all my doors, pull down the blinds and handcuff myself to the banister rather than make a fool of myself by going back on stage after an almost five-year hiatus.


With the possible exception of Barri Ghai getting punched in the face by a ghost on Help! My House Is Haunted, I didn’t think there could possibly be a show as laugh out loud until your jaw aches hilarious (or as well written and performed) on television in 2023 as the marvelous Brassic.

Then just before Christmas I started watching Such Brave Girls.

Capital O, capital M, capital F, capital G, that’s funny.


I’m sure that the single parents who miss meals so that their kids can eat really enjoyed that massive fireworks display in central London as the new year came in.

Nothing like watching thousands of pounds going up in smoke to cheer people up. Thanks Sadiq.


I was sent an image on New Year’s Day of a bloke walking his XL Bully wearing a muzzle in solidarity with his pet.

He should count himself lucky that he still has the dog.

Painfully stupid TV quiz answer of the past two weeks

The Chase:

Q: What keyboard instrument invented in about 1700 has a sustain pedal?

A: Drums

The Weakest Link:

Q: Which actor played the title role in the 1950s film Calamity Jane?

A: Tom Cruise

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