No respect for Brexit

With each latest ‘scaremongering’ story I hear from the ‘project fear’ camp, there seems to follow an instruction for all to ‘respect the result of the referendum’. 

Respecting the referendum result is one thing.  It is quite another, however, to expect people to respect Brexit itself when it promises a loss of rights and freedoms that many of us have enjoyed all our lives, has brought to the country an increase in xenophobic and hate crimes, has left our fellow European citizens living in the UK (and indeed our fellow Brits abroad) in complete limbo for three years and now with recent Home Office statements seems  to threaten a situation not unlike the recent Windrush scandal, more than likely brings with it a drop in standards and protections, and last, but by no means least, increases tensions in Ireland and threatens the delicate peace process. 

It is said that respect has to be earned; I don’t see Brexit has reason for any.

Katy Treverton, Westcliff-on-Sea