Noise barriers included in Brentwood nursery planning application

A former place of worship for Jehovah’s Witnesses in Brentwood could be turned into a nursery, according to new plans.

Jehovah’s Witnesses no longer use its former Brentwood Kingdom Hall in Kings Road after moving services to its main hall in Chelmsford.

The proposed day nursery would be operated by Purple Willows, who operates a small number of children’s day nurseries within London and the South East, with noise barriers planned to be installed around the perimeter of the former place of worship.

The proposed development is expected to cater for 65 children and operate from 7am to 7pm, Monday to Friday, through 51 weeks of the year.

Only 25 children would be in the garden at any one time. However, a noise barrier has been included as part of the plans to protect neighbouring properties from the sound of children playing.

There are around eight houses which directly back onto the playground area.

A noise assessment concluded that the “proposed development is not considered to conflict with any national, regional, or local noise planning policy”.

In conclusion, a statement to Brentwood Borough Council planners said: “The principle of development would be acceptable.

“The changing of the application site’s use from a place of worship to a children’s nursery would not conflict with policy and would retain the application site in a community use.

“The proposed children’s day nursery would provide a community benefit and meet a need for families in the local area.

“In any event, the application site has been marketed since November 2019 and no other place of worship has expressed interest. There would also be no adverse impacts in terms of transport or neighbouring amenity.”


Piers Meyler

Local Democracy Reporter