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It was great to see the England side taking the knee, even if it did have to be somewhat rushed, on Monday afternoon for their first World Cup group match against Iran. Not an empty gesture – a sign of solidarity against exclusion.

But there comes a point where you actually have to make a stand. That moment came, and unfortunately went, earlier in the day when FIFA instructed referees to book team captains for wearing the rainbow OneLove armband, which 10 teams had committed to doing.

Coming on the back of president Gianni Infantino’s infantile and surreal today I am a gay arab migrant worker outburst (I’m paraphrasing) this was bullying by FIFA plain and simple.

That seven football associations – England, Wales, Germany. Belgium, Denmark, Switzerland and The Netherlands immediately backed down was an act of pure cowardice.

In fact, the Iranian team, for all their petulance and nasty foot stamping tactics, showed more courage than the whole of Europe by refusing to sing their national anthem in apparent support for the women of their country who are fighting back in the face of unprecedented religious oppression, even by that country’s standards.

That single protest could have some quite serious consequences for any of those players with family in Iran.

This was the moment when real solidarity was needed across all of Europe’s football associations, either by allowing squad captains to make their own decision, setting up a Zoom meting and letting them reach a consensus amongst each other, or even threatening to withdraw the European teams altogether, which would completely destroy the credibility of a competition already seriously damaged.

There’s no way FIFA could have let that happen and the bullies would have been given a taste of their own medicine. Instead the message has been sent out that bullying works.

I keep wondering, what would Lionesses’ captain Leah Williamson do in that position. I think we all know the answer to that

Sport is supposed to be for everyone. It is clearly not.


Apart from the work account, which I can post YA stories to at the touch of a button, I don’t have anything to do with Twitter. If I have a personal account, I can’t remember the password or if I’ve ever actually tweeted on it.

Six months ago that would have put me firmly in the minority. In six months time it’s highly possible that there may not even be a Twitter anymore.

Knowledge is power and I suspect as more people get wise to how our participation is just fuelling an algorithm with the minutiae of our political, commercial and private thoughts with the intention of influencing our future decisions, other social media platforms could follow.


Are chickens across the UK keeping their legs crossed in protest over Qatar’s hosting of the World Egg Cup?

As supermarkets ration sales to three boxes, much to the annoyance of hoarders who claim they were just planning on cooking a 24-egg omelette, today our feathered friends are gay migrant worker chickens.

Quote of the week:

The bloke I don’t know from Hollyoaks in the jungle: “Have you noticed that fingers are like little arms on the end of your arms?”

Stupid TV Quiz answers of the week

Tipping Point:

Q: How many minutes are there in half an hour?

A: Four

Q: Which singer and actor gave Marilyn Monroe a small dog called Mafia?

A: Brad Pitt?

The Chase:

Q: In pre decimal money, what was two shillings and sixpence known as?

A: Ha’penny?


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