Nowhere near clever enough

Superintelligence (12) 1hour 46minutes

Melissa McCarthy has a comedic charm which can usually be enough to carry a film though its weaknesses and still somehow make it palatable and even enjoyable.

That proved to be enough for Tammy, The Boss, and Life of the Party – all directed, as is this, by her husband Ben Falcone – but for Superintelligence to have any appeal, it’s not enough to just like Melissa, you also need to not be sick in your mouth at the mention of James Cordon – not the Smiffy/co writer of Gavin and Stacey James Cordon, but the ingratiating American talk-show host who relies on a bank of writers to tell him what to say that’s funny version.

McCarthy plays Carol, a former tech exec who is chosen by an artificial intelligence as the perfect example of average to help it decide whether to wipe out all of humanity.

As if that wasn’t a difficult enough premise for a comedy, the voice it chooses to communicate to Carol with is Tony winning, Car Pool Karaoke scene stealer, Cordon, voiced, of course, by James Cordon.

Of course if anyone was offered millions of dollars to become a Fallon, Kimmell, Conan clone they would snatch your hand off, but that comes at a price.

It’s not all bad, there is some nice interplay with love interest Bobby Canivale, husband of her friend and Spy co-star Rose Byrne, but this is most definitely no Spy, or Bridesmaids.

At least it’s Melissa, but that excuse is wearing a bit thin now.

RATING: 6/10


Mick Ferris

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