Old Boys welcome a potential return for grassroots football

Old Southendian Football Club was quick to express their relief with the news that lockdown restrictions are set to be lifted, allowing grassroots football to commence late next month.

Prime Minister, Boris Johnson announced a four-part plan to ease coronavirus restrictions, with outdoor sports, including football, returning from March 29.

The Old Boys field adult, veteran and youth teams at several levels. Despite uncertainty over regional league restarting, the club are determined to provide football of some description, helping players general fitness and wellbeing following a year of doubt and concern.

“Old Southendian welcome today’s announcement to restart grassroots football, especially at the facility that Garons Park has to offer,” Club Secretary, John Roy told Yellow Sport.

“The key for us is getting our members back together and playing. Hopefully, the leagues can find a way to fulfil the remaining fixtures without the season dragging on but if not even the opportunity to have local friendlies or interclub matches to help with the wellbeing of members is key.

“All sports have suffered in this current climate and friendships have been at the forefront via calls, zoom meetings the lot. Now a face to face and a return to live-action sports is within our grasp and we as Old Southendian intend to take it.”

The Old Boys Garon Park ground is a hub of activity, both in terms of football and cricket. The venue also boasts an impressive wellbeing centre which has developed during the lockdown and will offer a number of activities to the people of Southend and surrounding areas.


Brian Jeeves

Email: [email protected]