Online climate change event part of movement to cut Redbridge’s carbon footprint

Redbridge Council is hosting an online launch of its ground breaking Climate Change Action Plan and is inviting residents and businesses to join the discussion on lowering the borough’s carbon footprint.

‘Tackling Climate Change in Redbridge’ is free to attend and takes place online on Wednesday July 14 from 6:00pm-7:30pm and features a discussion with special guest speaker The Deputy Mayor of London for Environment and Energy, Shirley Rodrigues.

Redbridge’s Climate Change Action Plan sets out the next chapter in the council’s journey towards creating a cleaner, greener and healthier Redbridge.

Residents and businesses are invited to sign-up to the event to find out about:

The borough’s response to the climate emergency

Green schemes and initiatives that can help lower the borough’s carbon footprint and save residents money, including Solar Together, London Power and Redbridge Go Green Grant.

Information and advice on how to get involved and play a part in tackling climate change

The event also opens up the virtual floor for a Q&A session so local people and businesses can ask the questions that matter most to them.

Leader of Redbridge Council Cllr Jas Athwal, said: “This event is a real opportunity for our local communities to be part of one of the most important conversations of our time. Together we can help create a cleaner, greener and healthier Redbridge for ourselves and our neighbours.”

“We’re committed to stepping up to the challenge of climate change across the council, and the borough – but we can’t do this alone, and need to work together as one community to help cut carbon emissions in Redbridge.

“Our online event is a great way to find out what we can do and achieve together to address the causes and impacts of climate change in Redbridge.”

Cabinet Member for Environment and Civic Pride Cllr Jo Blackman said: “We’ve already seen some important work taking place within the council and across the community to promote green growth in the borough, but there is more we can do and our Climate Change Action Plan is the first chapter in our journey to do more.

“Please do sign-up and join our event to find out more about the work being doing to tackle the borough’s climate emergency, how it impacts on all of us and what each of us can do to make a change.”

To join the event on Wednesday July 14 at 6:00pm please register online ahead of the event on:

Once registered you will receive a link to access the event on the day.

Redbridge’s aim is to become a carbon neutral* council by 2030, and carbon zero** by 2050.

Under the Action Plan created in the wake of the council declaring a climate emergency in 2019, more than 100 actions have been identified for implementation, which will build on the work already underway in the borough.

Buildings and transport across the borough are two of the largest sources of carbon emissions in Redbridge, followed by waste. The action plan targets these red flag areas with a raft of measures.

To view the action plan, or for more information on climate change go to:

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