Operation Binbag tackles persistent waste and recycling hotspots in Westcliff

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Monday July 5 saw the successful completion of Operation Binbag by Southend-on-Sea Borough Council’s Strategic Task Allocation Group (STAG) in partnership with Veolia.

STAG includes several council departments working together to address issues affecting council services. Operation Binbag was carried out to tackle persistent waste and recycling hotspots along London Road in Westcliff-on-Sea.

Two key locations were identified outside Blockbuster Video at the junction of Hamlet Court Road and outside Stackhouse Gym at 351 London Road. Other problem areas within this vicinity were also covered. This area consists of a mixture of businesses with residential flats above.

This area has a historical build-up of waste prior to the weekly collection day every Wednesday and a previous operation on May 14 in the same area included letters to businesses regarding their duty of care requirements and residential letters regarding correct day and way for presenting waste.

Cllr Carole Mulroney, Cabinet Member for Environment, Culture, Tourism & Planning, said: “If recycling and waste is not presented correctly it can have several impacts, not least a decline in the environmental quality of the area, with increasing incidents of animals scavenging and street litter from split sacks.”

If necessary, the council can give specific instructions to residents about how their recycling and waste must be presented for collection by issuing a formal notice to them. If the instructions in the notice are ignored there is an enforcement process, including a written warning notice, which could result in a fixed penalty of £80 being issued for each offence if the notice is ignored.

Residents are always contacted before the start of the enforcement process. The council will clarify what the requirements are and clearly explain what the enforcement process is.

Cllr Martin Terry, Cabinet Member for Public Protection, said: “By not disposing of waste and recycling responsibly, it can affect the way people feel about their street and lead to more anti-social behaviour, increase the fear of crime, and negatively affect the quality of life of nearby residents. In severe cases it can even cause neighbour disputes.”

For more information about waste, how any why the council recycles, businesses duty of care, collection days and more, please visit the council’s Recycling and Waste portal


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