Party petulance goes viral

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I can count the number of works Christmas parties I’ve enjoyed on the fingers of one finger. There are few things I can think of that matter less to me (apart from who wins Strictly or I’m A Celebrity…) so the all too predictable cartoon outrage from the opposition and Labour press designed purely to wind up the populace has left me cold and ambivalent.

Of course, if on two occasions the rules everyone else was expected to adhere to were flouted by the very people who made them, fair enough, they’re a bunch of hypocrites.

But surely we already knew that without losing it over two dozen entitled toffs playing charades in Downing Street.

What we should be asking is why the information is only coming out now when there are far more important things to occupy our minds, such as Omicron or how a young child can be starved, tortured and killed by his father and stepmother right under the noses of social services.

Compared to that, getting hot under the collar over illicit festive fun and games to a Mariah Carey soundtrack 12 months ago is as silly as watching ministers squirm when questioned about it on television.

Yes, they’re supposed to set an example, but when has any government ever done that? The opposition trying to use something from a year ago to manipulate public opinion just smacks of desperation and says more about the state of the Labour Party than it does Boris Johnson, who somehow is being portrayed as usual as villain in chief when he wasn’t even at the December 18 event.

And the daft thing is, there are so many other things they should be concerning themselves with, such as highly paid lobbying jobs or who’s been powdering their nose in the House of Commons toilets.

Meanwhile, Brent MP Barry Gardiner is moaning about the Met not acting on something that’s history and which at worst was a misdemeanour anyway when they can’t even be bothered to enforce the rules on public transport right now.

My son watched Met officers walk right past people who were not wearing masks in a Tube station this past weekend. They did nothing.

I’m not saying it was OK to ignore the rules last year – it wasn’t, it was taking the pee on a grand scale.

But priorities people, priorities.

And as for Christmas parties, Bah humbug!


Former US president Donald Trump has apparently raised $1bn in investment for his own social media app in an attempt to circumvent his ban from Twitter and Facebook following the siege by his imbecilic, interbred supporters on the Capital Building. That’s in Donald language of course, the real amount is probably a fraction of that.

I certainly have my own reservations about the Zuckerberg universe, but it would take more baby panda and elephant videos that exist for me to give a nanosecond of attention to his Truth Social, which should probably have been called Trump’s Trumps or Rednecks Rise Up,

Stupid TV quiz answers of the week

Is there no end to the embarrassment of thickos (yes, the new collective noun) paraded on Tipping Point?

Q: Which Daniel Defoe novel has chapters entitled “Friday’s Education” and “Back To England”?

A: Treasure Island

Q: In The Wizard of Oz, who sings If I Only Had A Brain?

A: Tin Man

But the best of the lot comes from, of all places Mastermind:

Q: Which British prime minister had the nickname Dizzy?

A: Dizzy Gillespie


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