People urged not to attend unauthorised event in Chelmsford

Mick Ferris

Police are urging people to stay away from an unauthorised event planned to take place in Chelmsford on Saturday October 24.

Police became aware of plans for the event last week and have spoken to the organiser who has said that, contrary to the law, no formal notification was submitted and, most importantly, no legally required risk assessment to ensure the safety of the public has been completed.

This makes the event unlawful and unsafe and it could put the welfare of anyone attending at risk.

Sergeant Graham Thomas said: “The organiser of the event has not taken the necessary precautions needed to ensure the safety of those attending”.

“Our approach to the Government’s COVID-19 regulations has always been to engage with people, explain the regulations, and encourage them to do the right thing.

“We have spoken to the organiser, explained the regulations to him, and encouraged him to ensure he is adhering to them.

“Where there are clear and blatant breaches, and it is appropriate to do so, we will take enforcement action.

“If you attend the event on Saturday then you could be faced with enforcement action and could face a fine.

“The vast majority of people in Essex have been doing the right thing and following the Governments regulations and I want to thank you for that.

“I urge you to continue to do so and not put your welfare and that of your loved ones at risk.”

Mick Ferris

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