Police continue to carry out stop and search in Waltham despite pandemic

Waltham Forest police continue to stop and search the public despite the risk from the coronavirus pandemic.

A tweet from local police in Cann Hall yesterday (April 6) stated at least five stop and searches were carried out by officers that day.

A Metropolitan Police spokesperson said this was “an important tactic in tackling violence”, despite the fact all five searches were for suspected drug offences.

Two officers pictured in the tweet both appeared to be wearing face masks, although only one can be seen wearing gloves.

The tweet reads: “We even have the Inspector out on the bikes! Patrolling the open spaces of @MPSCannHall, @MPSCathall & @MPSLeytonstone.

“Visits include Langthorne, Henry Reynolds, & Abbots parks, as well as Hollow Ponds & Wanstead Flats. 58 people dispersed, & 5 #StopAndSearch for drugs so far.”

The Met spokesperson said: “Policing must and will continue. We are attending calls and responding to the needs of the public.

“Stop and search is a legitimate police power and is an important tactic in tackling violence.

“Officers carry out dynamic risk assessments before engaging in any encounter and are equipped with personal protective equipment.”


Victoria Munro

Local Democracy Reporter