Police make arrest in connection with death of man at home of TV star Barrymore in 2001

Police have arrested a 50-year-old man in connection with the indecent assault and death of Stuart Lubbock at the home of television star Michael Barrymore twenty years ago.

The man, who was arrested in Cheshire, remains in custody where he continues to be questioned.

Stuart was found unconscious in the swimming pool of the property in Roydon on March 31 2001. Despite attempts to save him he later died in hospital.

The 31-year-old had been attending a party at the house with eight other people.

A post-mortem examination found he had suffered horrific anal injuries which are believed to be the result of a serious sexual assault prior to his death.

Detective Superintendent Lucy Morris, Essex Police’s head of major crime, said: “Today, Wednesday 17 March, detectives from Essex Police’s major crime team arrested a 50-year-old man on suspicion of the indecent assault and murder of Stuart Lubbock.

“The man, who was arrested in Cheshire, continues to be questioned by our detectives. Following the arrest, we immediately notified the Lubbock family.

“This arrest is almost 20 years to the day in which Stuart was found unconscious in a swimming pool, following a party at a home in Roydon…

“The arrest comes after significant new information came to light following our renewed appeal for information and offer of an enhanced reward which coincided with a major TV documentary broadcast in February 2020.

“This information has led to us making an arrest and over the coming days we will be contacting all of those who were present at the party at the time as well as others who may have information.

“As we stated last February – and have continually stated over the last 20 years – we believe someone, or some people, at that party know what happened.

“It is important to re-state the fact that Essex Police has never given up on this case and that the force is motivated by the desire to deliver justice for Mr Lubbock and his family…

“We have never given up on finding out exactly what happened to Stuart, and we will not stop in our pursuit of justice for him and for his family and friends.

“As we said a year ago, and have said repeatedly over the last 20 years, nine people were at that party.

“We know that not everyone was responsible for what happened, but someone was.

“Now is the time to come forward, if you haven’t done so already, to set this matter to rest by providing us with any information you have.”

The man has been bailed until April 12 while detectives continue their enquiries.


Mick Ferris

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