Power to the people

Photo: Sean Longmore

POWER, coming to Queen’s Theatre Hornchurch on September 28 as part of the Outer Limits programme supporting local artists, is a new solo circus-theatre work celebrating the ways we can feel powerful in an uncertain world.

Charmaine Childs is a circus strong lady. Building on 20 years of touring outdoor arts festivals internationally, performing feats of strength with her signature mix of muscle, comedy and elegance, she premiered this, her first solo theatre show, between lockdowns last year.

She said: “I’m a 42-year old larger woman celebrating what my imperfect body is capable of.”

POWER combines circus physicality, voice-over soundtrack, storytelling and body positivity to show how in times of adversity we can all find strength we didn’t know we had.

Tickets are available from the Queen’s Theatre box office.

Charmaine Childs Photo: Sean Longmore

Mick Ferris

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